Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts...

That's probably the most uncreative title ever. Oh well.

We had girls bible study again tonight. I've so enjoyed digging deeper into the Word with these girls. We're studying Romans right now and so far we've discovered a strong theme running through the first couple of chapters that we've looked at. Our observations kept turning back to God's grace. And it's true!! Nearly everything in the Bible leads back to His grace. That's the essence of the gospel. I long to understand the mystery of His grace more fully. I'm not really sure that we, who live on a sinful earth, can even understand the full extent of it.

Tonight we read through Romans 2 and part of 3. I felt that God was pressing on my heart the reminder that without Him my life is NOTHING. So often I think things like, "Look how far I've come!! Last year I wouldn't have done this (or something to that effect)." But it wasn't me!! To Him be the glory that I become even minutely more Godly. No positive changes in my life were without Christ working in and through me. He's the one that works on the heart, softens it, molds it, encourages. Any work in our lives is totally Him. We wouldn't be the people we are today without Jesus.

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