Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some Quiet Moments...

I had a relaxed evening last night and I'm really thankful!! I had NOTHING going on after work so I spent most of the time in the basement working on my um... "secret project." (more on that later).

That was probably the last night that I will have nothing to do. My regular school will be starting tommorow or the next day (YAAAY!!! Finally!!) and once it does I will be working on that in order to get through it quickly!! I've never been so motivated to accomplish anything! I've been wanting school to start since May. I'm so ready to tackle this and I'm excited to start!

This morning I think I'm going to go on a long walk with Chloe and run some errands. Oh, and study for my ACT which is in FOUR days!! I'm also shipping out two orders today for our adoption business which is very exciting.

Pretty boring post but that's what's going on in my life!

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