Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rescue Me

Right at this moment, there are 143 million children who need to be rescued. They have no parents and their futures hold nothing but hopeless dark years of struggle.

Today I listened to a radio broadcast by Focus on the Family. An adoptive family (thanks Mrs. Arnold!!) had posted the link on their blog. They interviewed R.B. Mitchell, a great Christian man who was abandoned at an orphanage when he was 3. He summarized his heart-breaking story in the interview and now I'm eager to read his book, Castaway Kid. By God's grace, several men entered Mr. Mitchell's life after he left the orphanage, and he came to Christ.

When it ended, I wasn't sure whether to be happy or sad. While it was encouraging to hear the story of a man who found hope at the end of a terrible childhood, it was so depressing to think that there are millions of children who experience the same pain of abandonment and the deep ache of loneliness everyday. Millions of children who ask, "What's wrong with me? Why doesn't anybody love me?" This absolutely breaks my heart. My heart literally aches for these kids. I don't know any other way to describe it. And right here in our own country there's half a million foster care kids. PEOPLE! THIS IS NOT OK!! But i have NO easy solution. There isn't one. The solution will take MUCH MUCH MUCH sacrifice, self-denial, and even pain on our part. It's so tough.

A sunday school teacher I had for a few weeks this summer always ended his lessons with So what? So what now? I've been praying through that question all day. I've been presented with statistics and reminded of the burden God has placed on my heart. But what am I going to do about it? I'll let you know when I figure it out! lol. Oh wait! I know... get married and adopt! Just kidding.

I challenge you to listen to the broadcast and go onto this guy's website. I'm going to be reading his book in the next few months. After i read the other books in my stack! The broadcast is 50 minutes long but it has probably 10 minutes of "commercial breaks" which I fast-forwarded. I blasted it on my computer and cleaned my room while listening. So be creative and fit it into your schedule! May the Lord encourage you through it and stretch you farther than before. Let's come together to fulfill this great call to care for these precious kids! They are calling for us to rescue them! Oh how I long to go and wrap them in my arms and tell them the great truth that Jesus loves them. I wish I could tell them everything's going to be alright. But I can't. Not now. I wait in anticipation for the day that I tell my own sweet child that he/she is my child forever....

Here's the links:


R.B. MITCHELL'S website:


Katrina said...

Hi My Molly Girl,

I'm eager to listen to the broadcast too! Even more, I can't wait to see how God uses this passion for orphans He has planted in your heart! I am praying that God would prepare you for whatever ministry He has for you in the future but also show you how you are to direct this intense energy and passion right now!! In the Bible and throughout history God has used young people to accomplish great things for His glory and kingdom puposes! God doesn't plant passion as you have in a young heart for no reason! Believe God Molly and seek after Him and His will for you in this burden.

I love you! XOXO Your Momma

juliethomas said...

I want to listen to the broadcast here molly, but actually my point in writing is that God brought to mind a thought I did not share from reading older blog entries of yours. Thanks for the sinus cleansing by the way as I sobbed throught the Steven Curtis Chapman hard to watch, but such faith/love of siblings, etc. And speaking of siblings, I couldn't help but think of Laurel's strong desire for us to adopt and for a baby sister. She had a huge hole in her heart for that, and begged us as well. I can't help but think that while you haven't had this answered in your way or in your timing,(and either did laurel),I believe God will redeem. I think you (and I believe Laurel as well) are going to be blessed with a couple of sister-in-laws (caleb and noah's wives)(spencer and seth's wives) and maybe more (sister/sisters of your husband down the road) that will be such incredible blessings to you that you will say to God..."thank you God, you've always known the cry of my heart, the longing for a sister/a soul sister to share with/one that "gets" me/one that I can share so much with/etc....and though I'd not thought of this way as being an "answer" to this strong desire and deep longing, YOU are indeed so faithful, so perfect in your "gift giving" At least this is what I see as one way I feel God can and likely will bless you Molly. And you will make THE most incredible Sister-in-law that I am almost jealous of anyone who gets to be in that role. I pray this blessing for you and for Laurel and that God surprises and delights you with answering such pure and wonderful longings you have....just maybe in a little different way than you have imagined. He will be faithful though, that you can be sure of. Thank Him in advance for how He is going to satisfy/meet the longings of your heart. His ways are so beyond our comprehension/His answers so much more complete and perfect than we can comprehend. Amen? Amen! Bless you Molly...I absolutely love your heart! I Thank God He's given me the gift of knowing you/being able to pray for you/and just such providential connecting of our families for all these years! love you. Julie