Tuesday, September 23, 2008

While I'm Waiting

The perfect song for my life right now!! I am certainly waiting and trying to trust God through it all. I am determined NOT to waste this time of waiting to figure out what's going to happen next year. God can and will use us in any stage, any part of the journey. That's what life is, a journey, full of steep climbs, ruts in the road, treacherous passages, as well as meandering streams, quiet meadows, and hilltops of victory. How great is our God.

Thanks for sharing this one Mrs. Semlow! :)


Katrina said...

Hi Molly!

I am so thankful you are able to fight the feelings of restlessness and frustration over God's choice to not reveal to you yet His plans for you next fall with promises of His faithfulness found in His Word.

When I think and pray about all the possibilities for what His plans might be for you next fall I get VERY excited over each and every one!!! I can invision how He could potentially work in all of the scenerios that come to my mind.

Really it doesn't even matter so much "what" you do because regardless of where you end up you can be sure it will be God's sovereign appointed "sacred calling" specifically designed and tailor made just for YOU at that time and for that season!

It is good to remember that your calling isn't going to just be about what you do, be it college student, employee or missionary. Our callings in life encompass our work/school, family, friends, the church and society.

Our work/school or more broadly our calling is really just a means for which God uses to intertwine our lives with others for service and learning life's lessons.

Our calling is a vehicle for God to use and work in and through us to teach, encourage and minister to others via us and to us via others!

Isn't that so neat? God has this great plan for you next fall to be the aroma of life to a specific group of people and for you to learn form them. It may be in some far away state, in an orphanage around the world in another country or right here at home.

When God leads us into the various stages of life it usually isn't so much about the work we are doing at the time but for the purpose of bringing specfic people into our lives. It may be a lesson for you, for them or more likely for both.

So I just find that so peaceful and freeing as I pray for you to know that God has a great and perfect plan for your life in whatever corner of this world He choses to deposit you!

I will be praying that where ever and what ever He choses for you that you will have an open teachable heart and be able to wear an attitude of thankfulness, peace, contentment, joy and eager anticipation of how God is going to use you and what lessons He will present, stretch and grow your faith with.

Praise Be to Him that no matter where in life we find oursleves He is present and using all of life to further His Kingdom plans in us and in others!

I love you Molly!

Your Momma XOXO

Katrina said...

P.S. Hmmmm.....I'm curious what it was you were referring to that Mrs. Semlow gave to you/ the picture area was blank on your blog. Can you try again to post what ever it was for us please?

Thanks Your Momma again! XOXO

Annie said...

Loved the video! Especially the line about "while I'm waiting, I will serve you." That's what I've been needing to hear lately. I get so caught up in worries or thoughts of the future (what will I do? Will I get married? Who will I marry? What happens after college? etc.)and I too often forget to serve God right now, in the circumstances He's placed me in. We can't miss the "miracle of the moment"! Each stage of life is a gift that we can only experience for one fleeting moment, and so we need to savor it and ask God how best to use it for its allotted time. Let us be young women who don't sit around and waste the waiting period, but stretch the greatest possible service to the Lord out of it!