Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Free Time?

Ahhh.... I finally found a moment to blog!! It seems as though I've been running around like crazy. Because of finals, I don't have worship team today or tommorow. This is wonderful because it gives me an extra two hours to work on homeschool stuff. I have probably half an hour more to do in math and literature and I'll be done. Then I have to study for and take the Constitution test. Not fun...

Yesterday was extremely busy. I had worship team, lunch with a friend, a 30-minute trip to the mall to find a black dress to wear to graduation since I'm singing in the choir (it was successful!! I got a super cute dress to wear at a bargain price!), work, and ACT prep class. By the time I fell into bed I was exhausted! I had to ask myself where the time in my life went where I had hours on end of free time. I used to devour a book or two a week and now I'm lucky if I read a book in a month!!

I have final plans for the summer and it's going to be jam-packed! I decided my new motto is, "It's better to be busy than bored!" I will definitely be living by that!! My days will be quite full but I'm thankful that I have been given the chance to work so many hours a week. It ends up that I'll be babysitting for a family of 5 kids this summer- 2 biological and 2 adopted from Ethiopia. So I will be "Mini Mom" from 7:30-1 and secretary from 1:30-5!! This babysitting job will not be an easy one but I know that the Lord has alot to show me through these kids. Since I'm not 17 yet, I won't be able to drive them anywhere. We'll be bikeriding ALOT. I'm hoping that I can pay one of my brothers a couple of dollars an hour to come with me when we ride places. I'm very nervous about crossing busy streets with 5 kids in tow. I'm praying for wisdom and discernment on how to safely care for this many kids, be a peacemaker for sibling arguments, be creative and fun in finding lots of activities for us to do so they don't get bored, and to be a shining light of Christ to them (it's a Christian family but I still want to be a good example).

I better get back to my school but I wanted to just post a quick report on my life, as boring as it probably sounds! :)

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Anonymous said...

...and you'll save some room in your summer to hang out with your good 'ol buddy Kristen? =]