Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Restoring Order

This post is a little delayed but I will just pretend that it's not a day and a half late! :)

On Monday night I got home from work, ate dinner, and tackled my very messy room. I can't stand being unorganized and for me, in order to function I have to have my desk and my room neat and tidy. I think everybody has one area of life that they use as a "constant." Something that's always there and something that they can always do no matter what the circumstances are. Being organized and having a clean room is probably mine. Even if my life gets stressful, chaotic, and frustrating, at least I have one area that isn't out of my control!! :) So I restored order to my desk and room.

I also went to our Christian bookstore and bought a daily devotional book. I'm not going to let myself skip devotionals anymore. The fact that I can convince myself I don't need to do it is proof enough that I DO!!! So my new and most important goal is to start doing a devotional each and every day and to not let this be one of those "highs."

Tonight we have our first leadership meeting at church. I cannot wait for tommorow afternoon to come because I'm going to go see Libi come home from China with her family!! :) :) :) I'm SOOOO excited. So I will post pictures on that sometime. I always lose it when I see the homecoming of adopted kids so I'm anticipating being an emotional mess. I'm sure I'll fall more in love with the miracle of adoption and, of course, want my family to adopt even more (if that's possible!).

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