Saturday, May 24, 2008

Libi's Homecoming

I know, this is several days late. To be honest, I have been avoiding posting this because I'm still processing my thoughts and emotions from that incredible day. I've waited to blog about it because I didn't want this to become my journal where I pour my heart out. But I will share alot today. Libi was more beautiful than I could ever have imagined, and I could write and write about the evening. But... I won't (although this post will be long!!).

They arrived on time and then got through customs. There's these big double doors that the passengers exit through from customs and we stood right in front of them. So whenever the doors opened we'd all try to peer through in search of the very tall Mr. Arnold and Jacob. While we were waiting for them to arrive there was another group waiting for parents to come home with a little Chinese baby. There were two brothers and a sister, all with shirts saying, "Mia's Big Sister, Mia's Brother, and Mia's Bigger Brother." Watching them unite with their ADORABLE sister was actually harder (emotionally) to watch than the Arnolds because our family is exactly like theirs: two boys and a girl. I realized that I really never have completely let go of the dream of our family adopting. I surrendered that desire and hope to the Lord last summer in Guatemala. So seeing that girl recieve her precious baby sister into her arms from China for the first time was hard to watch because I've dreamt of that moment for years, never losing hope that someday it would actually happen. It aroused my desire to adopt even more and brought back my disappointment and sadness over my parents not adopting. And I haven't given up yet. Some may say it's foolish to hold onto a dream like that but why shouldn't I? Look at our God!!!!! He is SO AMAZING AND GOOD!!! I'm blown away by His power and we know that He is the God of miracles. I cling to the verse in Joel about how "God will redeem the years the locusts have eaten." Maybe that will apply to our family. We couldn't adopt a baby but maybe God would choose to give us an older child. Only God knows. I just have to rest in that.

There were probably about 20-30 people that came to see the Arnolds. I knew most of them through school or through Corinne's family and I love them all. They are a beautiful picture of what the body of Christ should look like and they have shown me what it means to love. They've demonstrated to me Christ-centered marriages, peaceful families, and thankfulness in times of trial. They're there for eachother during the rough times and there for the joyful ones. Through them, the Lord has given me a vision for my future and the reward for following Christ. So that was very special for me to see again the dedication of these families to go and support the Arnolds. I'm so thankful that the Lord has placed me in a position where I can experience and learn from these Godly people. I know that seeing them has changed me and has grown in me a desire to have that kind of bond when I have a family.

I think that's all for now. I could go on a tangent about the millions of orphans and i could write down the stories that Mrs. Arnold told me about the kids at the orphanage but i won't! Because those of you who read my blog are probably very tired of these stories and think that I am absolutely obsessed with rescuing these kids. So I won't go there today. :)

I didn't really get very good pictures. Mr. Semlow got AWESOME ones. So if you want to see additional pics. go check out the Arnolds blog to see a short slideshow ( ). Mrs. Arnold wrote a sweet post about their homecoming and adoption journey as well.

Today we're cleaning, working in the yard, and the boys are doing homework. I'm having youth group kids over tonight and then our family's going to my aunt and uncle's house tommorow. We'll get back on Monday night.

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You sure do have a passion for adoption!