Friday, May 30, 2008

New Chapters

Not sure what to title this post. It's just a mixture of everything!!

Yesterday was the last day of school for CCA. I went to the chapel service and left feeling rather torn with mixed emotions. As I walked out the door and it slammed shut it was as though that chapter of my life slammed shut as well. I'm sad that I'm not apart of the school anymore but incredibly excited to see what God has in store for me the next few years. I'm so excited to see where I end up going to college and all of the other major milestones that I'll meet in the upcoming years. Yet I'm also a bit scared. I guess I'm scared about stupid things like not doing well on the ACT, not getting into the college that I want, and other things that I just need to lay at His feet!! Fear is not something that we as Christians need to burden ourselves with but sometimes I just can't help it!!

Yesterday also marked the day that we closed on our house!! Praise God!! My Mom felt a huge burden lifted off of her the moment she dropped the keys into the new owner's hands. What an incredible relief to be done with that house. This whole year has taken a huge toll on my parents in alot of ways and I'm very thankful that the Lord chose to release them from that house. We can move on now that we're out of that rut and take on new challenges as a family. The "We haven't sold our house yet" cloud that was hanging over our heads is no longer there and for that we are grateful.

I'm sorry this is such bad writing. I'm can't seem to get my words to flow!! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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