Sunday, May 25, 2008

You Know You Have Brothers If.....

You're always on your guard, never knowing when that sneaky boy might jump out from behind a door and scare you.

You have ever turned out your light at night and snuggled down into the covers to go to sleep and your mattress starts violently shaking because there's a cruel brother under your bed trying to scare you.

You have been greeted by plastic snakes, spiders, and various bugs upon entering your room or climbing into bed.

You realize halfway through your shower that shampoo is coming out of the conditioner bottle and conditioner from the shampoo bottle. Yep, my brother switched the stickers on my shampoo and conditioner bottles the other day. I'd already put a huge glob of conditioner in my hair and then put shampoo over it before figuring out something was wrong.

That was a good one Caleb!! Life wouldn't be interesting without you two!!! :)

Your sister,


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