Thursday, May 8, 2008

National Day of Prayer for the Orphans in Guatemala

Today has been named the first National Day of Prayer for the Orphans in Guatemala. You can check out the person's blog who started it if you'd like ( ). Please lift up a prayer for these precious children. The government has put 2000 some adoptions on hold to "investigate their legitimacy." That means they have to round up 2000 birthmoms and try to get them to come in for interviews. At many of these interviews, the mothers will be guilt-tripped into taking their babies/children back even though they have no way to take care of them. I can't even attempt to fathom the pain that these adoptive parents would feel if their adoption fell through.

Here's the list of prayer requests that I came up with:

1. Wisdom and strength for each birthmom as she's questioned by officials. I have no doubt that it's the Lord's will for some children to return to the birthmother. Some of the moms are as young as me- I can't imagine making heart-wrenching decisions such as these at this age.

2. Strength, comfort, and understanding for all of the adoptive families.

3. Financial provision for the orphanages and foster families caring for these sweet kids as well as financial help for those adopting.

4. Pray that God would hold the very hearts of these children (specifically the older ones). They so long to be loved (i'm starting to cry!). Pray a hedge of protection over them that they won't become bitter and hurt because of their abandonment.

5. Pray for the hearts of the judges that they would be moved to compassion.

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Sunshinee7 said...

Those cuties! I hope they find a family soon. Hey, who knows...maybe when you're all grown up with a very, very (and may I repeat VERY) handsome husband, you'll be able to adopt from there =]