Sunday, May 18, 2008

I realized this weekend that there is a spiritual war going on RIGHT NOW over the adoptions of the orphans. I've watched Guatemalan adoptions get held up again and again; and now none of them are being processed at all. There's a family with a tiny baby girl in Ethiopia who's sick in the hospital- and they can't go and hold her their precious daughter as she cries. A different family was in the process of adopting an 11 year-old Ethiopian girl- but she ran away from the orphanage on Friday to try and find her family. She became depressed that she wasn't getting adopted and so she decided to go find her step-sister. Ethiopia has been without rain for several weeks now, preventing the hydro-electric plants from producing power. This is forcing frequent blackouts which further prevents court dates from being fulfilled and therefore adoptions are being postponed. The devil is doing all he possibly can to prevent these children from coming home to loving Christian families. Despite the efforts of many families to adopt, there are still millions of orphans. This is not just a "problem" this is a CRISIS. I think of the Prince Caspian movie when Peter leads the Narnians into battle yelling, "For Aslan!! For Aslan!!" I want to be in the army yelling, "For the Lord!!! For the Lord!" I don't know what the Lord has in store and what the future holds. I want to be at the front lines of this battle. Yet I feel so helpless right now. I'm praying that the Lord shows me what I can be doing even now for these children. My selfishness and fear so often holds me back from following His will. I wrote in my prayer journal yesterday, "I WANT to be stretched and broken, Lord. Please show me what it is I am to do with my life. Do something BIG! I'm so ready! Take hold of the Church and give us a shake. Convict us and carry us, God."

So I don't know. I guess you could say I'm just waiting. Waiting for further direction, praying that my plans to be an elementary teacher are what God wants me to do, just hoping that I'm doing everything I can to be the person God wants me to be, and that I'm being a productive soldier in this battle!

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Katrina said...

Hi Molly,

I love your heart and passion. I sympathized with your restlessness and deep desire to be in a position where you can be used of the Lord and take action NOW as an advocate, rescuer and care giver for orphans.

As you strain to see what lies ahead in your future, don't lose sight of the value and priceless lessons God has for you in the moment.

God is in the process of preparing you for His Kingdom work. He birthed this seed of burden and love for orphans deep within your heart when you were just a wee young girl. He has and will continue to nourish and develop it one day at a time.

As you wait, seek His face and if you are attentive to His voice and the moving of the Holy Spirit, He will provide you with rich opportunities for spiritual training in what may "seem" like the mundane ordinary motions of daily life.

But, every day, all day, God offers us opportunity after opportunity to serve and glorify Him with something as simple but difficult as our thoughts and attitudes.

I believe God has planted this passion and dream in your heart for a very signficant purpose and little by little He will reveal His plan for your role in the great story He is writing!

I have a feeling your calling is going to require hard work and great sacrifices of you. The lessons and skills He is wanting to teach you now may seem insignicant and irrevlevant but I think you will later find them to be some of the most essential, valuable and practical tools that you will use in your journey.

I love you so very much Molly and I can't wait to see the beautiful blossom that will one day bloom from this deep seed of burden which the Lord planted and continues to water.

Lovingly always,
Your Momma XOXO