Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Musings

I have nothing very exciting to report today, just random thoughts and updates on my weekend.

It was another great weekend. I never used to have amazing weekends but now that I have more friends my weekends are full and enjoyable!!! Friday night I hung out with some youth group kids and we painted our Sr. High room at church. The paint job looks great- I'll have to take some pictures next Sunday. Saturday morning we went to our friend's Bar Mitzvot ceremony (Jewish celebration of when a boy becomes an adult) at the local temple. We came home from that and I cleaned my room and transferred all of our digital pictures to the internet in case our computer breaks down. While I worked on that I watched this show called, "Raising 16 Children." This homeschool family has 16 kids!! And all of them are biological!! Is that not crazy?!!! I seriously do not think that I could handle more than 2 births. How about 16 adoptions?!!! :) I can't even handle a flu shot- how am I supposed to sit there and let them stick me with needles for an epidural?!!! I think that adoptions would be alot less physically painful!!! That's far off in my future so I won't worry about that yet. Anyway, I admire the parents of that family very much for letting God plan their family and for raising their children to be Godly young men and women. Saturday night I hung out with youth group kids again. And Sunday was the usual church in the morning, I had Corinne over to work on our business orders, and then we had a praise and testimony service at night. I never know what to share but I always enjoy hearing other people's testimonies and of course the worship part of the service.

Like I said, a pretty random post. Sorry for the boring update!

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Sunshinee7 said...

No, this post wasn't boring at all.

I had an awesome time with you this weekend. It was funny decorating the senior high room chalk boards by writing all the places we went on our little road trip. I will never forget that, Gretchen.

See you this weekend, probably.

PS: I seriously cannoooooooot wait until NYC