Saturday, May 17, 2008

Perfect Weekend!

It has been a fantastic weekend so far. Last night, I went out with some church kids to go see Narnia. It was GREAT!!! I highly recommend it. Totally worth the money. Then I slept over at Kristen's house and we slept in until 9:45!!! That was wonderful. I've had to get up early every weekend for the past month and it felt soooo good to just sleep until I was rested. I told my mom when I got back, "If only I got this much sleep every day!! I would be so efficient!!"

After I got back from Kristen's I made myself presentable (a.k.a. shower and makeup!!) and we picked up sandwiches from Quiznos and headed to the park for a family picnic. We used to go to the park for picnics all the time when we were kids but we hadn't gone in a very long time. It was so much fun to just sit in the gorgeous weather and talk and remember picnics from when we were little. After we ate my mom and I managed to get my brothers to let us take some pictures (not an easy thing to do!). We then came home for an hour and went on a fairly long bike ride to get ice cream. We all came home and crashed after that (my legs feel like jelly right now even though I'm sitting down!). Probably a good indication that I'm out of shape..... maybe I'll excercise this summer.....

Here's a few pictures (if you can't see it on the screen just push "View All Images"- sorry, I'm still working out the bugs):


Katrina said...

Hi Molly girl!

Thanks for being the family photographer and for organizing our memories on the computer and recently in video/slide show format! You know you must teach me to use the camera and do all this video/slide show stuff before you leave for college PLEEEEEEEASE or there will not be any pictures to remember after you leave!

I could not open the music video of the concert and worship service from your blog. Is there a secret to seeing it?

I love you and am glad god is teaching you priceless lessons as you wait and trust Him with your future.

Love your Momma XOXOXO

Sunshinee7 said...

That weekend was so much fun! We'll have to have sleepovers more often. Maybe next time we can stay up later, too...that night I was exhausted. Stupid school lol

<3 you