Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tales of a Frustrated Shopper

My mom and I went to the mall last night in search of some simple jean capris for me. I soon discovered this task was NOT simple at all. We went to multiple stores where I tried on multiple pairs of bermudas (since I couldn't find many capris). I was shocked when every pair I tried on was cut to fit like spandex. Excuse me, but if I want to wear leggings I'll buy those myself!! I was so frustrated that I couldn't find one pair of jeans that fit modestly. Some girls certainly would've gotten them if they were me. They would've said that they fit perfectly but I knew that it wasn't right. It's sad that girls feel the need to dress that way in order to get attention. I also realized last night why some girls feel fat even when they're not. I'm not overweight (at least I don't think so) :) and even I had trouble finding modest non-hip hugger jeans. It's no wonder there's millions of girls who feel they need to lose weight. I just hope that the Lord will give those girls Dads and men in their lives who tell them they're beautiful and build them up. If a girl doesn't have that positive reinforcement and if they don't feel pretty and loved then it's bad news. So I still don't have enough capris but it's ok. We'll find some eventually and it was a good reminder of our desperate need for Jesus to fulfill us.

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Sunshinee7 said...

I can totally sympathize with you. Teenage girls clothes are getting worse every year. At least there's some modest options.

See you Sunday!