Monday, August 4, 2008

10 Thoughts...

10 thoughts from my day- some serious some silly!! :)

1. Krispy Kreme donuts and Diet Dr. Pepper for breakfast is amazing.

2. I don't have very good strategy. I failed miserably at Settlers. I need some training....

3. I'm glad there's not a scale here because I feel like I've gained weight!! I've eaten so much junk food it's not even funny! :) I wanted to go work out yesterday but they don't let 16 year olds in the exercise room and when it's 100 degrees out it's not exactly like I'm going to want to run around outside! How dare they discourage a teenager from wanting to exercise?!!! :) Just kidding.

4. Does my haircut make me look that much older? All of a sudden, people are calling me "ma'm" instead of "miss." It sounds weird to be addressed in the same way my mom is. I guess I'm getting old!!

5. Vacations always make me want to adopt (i always do anyway but it makes me think about it even more). I realize how great of a family I have and how incredibly blessed we are. Our hotel room is 100 times better than some family's permanent homes. I look at our little group of loved ones and am reminded that some don't have a family. It will be the greatest honor if someday the Lord provides a husband for me and allows us to adopt so that we can give a child a family.

6. Anyone who wants to/has/is adopting should read the book I just finished. It's called "Beyond the Blue." It's a fantastic fiction novel by Leslie Gould. Although it's fiction, I think she did an incredible job of making it realistic. The story bounces between these two women, one who lives in the US and one who lives in the Vietnam. Basically, in the end, the American woman and her husband end up adopting the Vietnamese woman's children. It's a heartwarming and heartbreaking story. You feel the emotion of the story and connect with the characters in a remarkable way. I felt the heartbreak and desperation of the birthmom and the true love that she showed to her children by giving them away to live a better life, the joy of the adoptive mom, and the adjustment and turmoil the older child had to go through during his transition from his childhood home to an orphanage to his new home. Anyway, it's an amazing book that I highly recommend.

7. I've been listening to Mark Schultz recently and have really enjoyed his song "Time That Is Left." The lyrics to that song have really inspired and encouraged me to examine my life. What are my priorities? Are my actions and motives pure and Godly? Do I take advantage of EVERY opportunity He gives me to serve?

8. Outlet mall shopping is fun- however, never bring your Dad or husband along with if they don't like shopping. My Dad announced that he was done after the second store!! :P I told my mom, "Well, I hope that my future hubby likes shopping!! I want someone to go shopping with!!" Just kidding. That's definitely not high on the wish list! But it would be fun! I didn't realize that before us my mom went shopping all by herself for those 10 years. I don't mind shopping alone once in awhile but it's fun to have someone to go with!

9. Branson has incredible BBQ. Great ribs, pulled pork, chicken, etc. YUMMY!! If you're ever here give me a buzz and I'll tell you the best spots.

10. The church family has become SO precious to me this past year. I can't describe how blessed I feel to have them- the cute kids that make me smile, the teens who are so much fun to hang with, and the adults who show me what it means to live a Godly life and have loved me so well through the years. Early on in the week I couldn't figure out what was "missing." I realized today that it was the church! The people, fellowship, teaching, and worship. I love it all. What a blessing.

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Spencer said...

I listened to the Mark Schultz song, and when I recognized it I was like, "O, yeah!" I like that song too! It's a very good song for when I'm in a contemplative, reflective mood, which I've been in a lot lately - so thanks, it was helpful to think things through!