Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Welcome to my world...

I have jumped in the deep end of the college search pool (at least that's how I feel). I pulled the thick stack of envelopes, letters, and brochures from colleges off the top shelf of my closet and I started digging through them today. That picture is of my desk right now with the stacks all spread out. I hate having a messy desk but this project leaves me no choice!! I had already semi-organized them but hadn't gotten on their websites to compare prices, scholarship options, and majors/minors. And... I've discovered that it's kind of overwhelming. As I browsed through the websites I kept thinking, "I could pay for an adoption with that much money... and multiply that by 4 years. That's 4 adoptions. This is ridiculous." College is stinkin' expensive! And there's so many to choose from. I kind of just want to turn to the next person I see and ask them to choose for me! lol. Just kidding. It would be nice though! So that's what I did this morning, with my box of Kleenex. My allergies are really bad right now. It's so annoying. My eyes are so itchy I almost put on my glasses because I was afraid I was going to pop my contact out! :)
I start my regular school next week! Yaay! I'm so ready for it to start. I'm hoping that I'll be so busy I won't notice how quiet the house is and how little time I get to spend with my church friends. I really miss seeing everybody. Being at home definitely makes for some lonely moments. But.. they never last long thankfully.
Well.. got to go to an Experience meeting. Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment. I like hearing from people.
From the girl who's stuck at home dutifully researching college options,
Molly! :)


Corinne said...

Hey, looks like alot of fun :) Maybe I should start that too...

Kristen said...


You should be ASHAMED of yourself. I was serving at my job today, and all of a sudden, I almost sneezed into a resident's food! Then my eyes started to get all itchy and my nose stuffed up.

I caught what you have.

Whatever, though. I guess we can be allergy buddies which is totally cool :)

Annie said...

Oh yes...the college info stacks. I have been there! Piles of papers and loads of viewbooks--there are way too many options out there! I'm so glad to be done with that stage (finally). From someone on the other side of the college application process, I can tell you it will go by before you know it!
It's funny, because I had the same thoughts about college expenses a few years ago. I remember trying to bargain with my parents to get them to adopt instead of send me to college. :) didn't work, but God did provide a cheaper way for me to get a degree (online classes) and all the funds to do it. Keep trusting in Him! He is always faithful (and will always be faithful, even when we're older and wishing we had the thousands of dollars spent on college to now adopt!) :)