Friday, August 22, 2008

My Day in Pictures

Since school hasn't started yet, my days haven't been very exciting. I've had regular hours at the Dr.'s office and have been doing my spanish homework and ACT studying. My mom has taken advantage of my free time this week and "hired" me to do some jobs around the house. So this week I painted all of the woodwork in my room and organized our storage room.

So instead of writing I thought it'd be creative to take pictures of what I did today. I know, I really must be bored if I'm resorting to this! :) I'm embarassed I'm even posting this. It's so dumb. Don't bother reading.... :)
Our usual pianist is out of town this week so guess who she asked to cover for her? ME!! So I've been practicing alot this week. I usually just accompany on piano, not lead. I'm also doing an offertory. You can pray that I will do well on Sunday morning and that I would be able to worship along with the congregation. A couple of years ago, the Lord freed me from nervousness while playing piano (i'll blog about that story another time) but it still creeps in once in awhile when I play for the church.

Homework, homework, homework. Nothing more to say about that. It's very easy, which is nice!

Menards, Jeffery Alans, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Hobby Lobby.

My school books and software came today! Yaay! So I unpacked that and looked through my books. I'm taking an "Intro to Medicine" class for my 4th Science credit (long story as to why I'm taking that), which is why I have all of those medicine books. I'm actually really looking forward to it. I've always been interested in medicine. Maybe I will be a doctor after all.... just kidding. I wouldn't make it through med school!

Blah, blah, blah. I CAN"T WAIT until that is OVER! Major celebration after that. September 13th here I come!

I put up spice racks for my mom in our pantry.


Needs no explanation....


I made brownies...


I was in a major cleaning and organizing mood. So I cleaned part of the house!


Kristen said...

Wow, Molly. You WOULD take pictures of random stuff like this. But I like it. It's totally creative =]

Molly said...

Thank you Kristen. I'm taking that as a compliment. lol!! :) That was definitely the silly side of me coming out! It was completely random but kinda fun!

kangaj1 said...

Molly, you are hilarious! You were very productive today!