Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She made me laugh..

Chloe has this strange habit of sitting in the bathtub. She only does it if one of the little men in our family forgets to shut the shower curtain. And she's VERY obstinate about getting out. She'll just lay there, lick the tub a couple of times, and thump around until you come to see what she's doing. Then she gives you that little smirk. And me, being the softy that I am will just laugh at her. Even if I wasn't a softy, she's so strong that I couldn't pull her out of the tub anyway! :)

She is so cute.


sbrani@comcast.net said...

Hey Molly,
LOL!!! That is so cute. She's a BEAUTIFUL dog. Ive always wanted a golden retreiver.
Noelle Brani

Leslie said...

I love your blog!!! My dog goes into the bathroom when she hears fireworks on the 4th of July!!! How cute!