Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Spiderweb

Today I was outside with the kids and I noticed a huge spider web. This web was massive and it glistened in the sunlight. One of the kids asked me how the spider makes it. I had to honestly answer that I don't know! I should've paid more attention in science class. It's incredible to think that one spider could create such an intricate structure of out of some web. But he did it. As I stood and stared at it I started thinking about how that web is so much like our lives. God has carefully formed each and every part, weaving it together into a fragile yet beautiful masterpiece, just like the spider forms his web. Piece by piece, yet all connected to create the "big picture."

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Anonymous said...

Interesting observation, Molly! This is not one of your firsts. You have many surprises up your sleeve. I like reading what you have to say (well, type). It encourages me in every little way. We ARE special in God's sight!

See you tonight? (Bible Study?)