Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Psalm 34:5 says, "Those who look to Him are radiant."

I'd never heard that verse until recently but I really like it. I love how the author used the word radiant. I picture the glory of Christ and the brilliance of the sun in a person who literally RADIATES love and joy to everyone they come into contact with. Kind of a weird visual picture but it works in my mind.

I guess I write this to say that you never know how you may be impacting a person. A simple sentence, comment, or compliment can make a person's day. A short note, a hello, or a smile can make a huge difference. Someone wrote on my wall on Facebook, "You make me smile." I thought to myself, "I do? Hmm.. I don't even know her that well." So you never know, your life may be making somebody smile.

I pray with all my heart that you may be radiant this week. May you be FILLED TO THE BRIM with love from our sweet Savior. He blows me away again and again with His constant faithfulness and goodness.

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sbrani@comcast.net said...

Hey Molly,
You're an amazing girl! I want to be like you. I love your enthusiasm about adoption!!! Praise God! I was adopted from Russia when I was six months so you're my kind of girl. I will post more comments. i LOVE your site. Noelle Brani