Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Branson Day 4

Well I got kind of behind on blogging... I neglected my vacation posts to blog about other things. But I'm glad I did. So now it's catch-up time!! I have to remember what we did yesterday.... all of the days kind of blend together. The boys slept in late and so my Dad and I went with my aunt and uncle to go get pops from the gas station. We decided to drive around a little bit while we were at it and we went and got Krispy Kreme donuts and we scouted out the oulet mall. We came home and I made myself presentable and we started a game of Settlers. In the early afternoon, my aunt, uncle, and cousin went to ride the ducks while we went to the outlet mall. I had fun shopping, though it didn't last very long. As I mentioned in my earlier post, my Dad only lasted two stores. So.... I got to go to Aero and American Eagle. I got a really cute pink sweatshirt for fall that was 50% off so that was good. We stopped at A&W and got root beer floats on our way out. Then we came home, continued our Settlers game, and stopped to go to dinner at this GREAT BBQ place called Danna's. Then we came home, played shuffleboard, and swam in the pool.

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