Sunday, August 3, 2008

Branson Day 3

It was another great day here in Branson. It was also in the 100's so it was extremely warm out. We opted for indoor activities today and we finished up the Olympics since my Aunt Linda has to fly out tommorow for work. So we did a cookie creation contest and a nerf gun event. We ate lunch together and then some of the adults took naps while Dad, Uncle Steve, Noah, Caleb, Michael and myself played a LONG game of Settlers (it's still sitting out on our table waiting to be finished). Early this afternoon, we could not get my laptop to work. I was so disappointed, as we tried everything and even got on the HP website to look at troubleshooting tips. We had been downloading all of our pics. and videos onto it and I wouldn't be able to blog, email, or facebook if we didn't get it working. After several attempts to fix it, we finally accepted the fact that it was probably broken and would have to wait until we got back home to take it in. Halfway through our Settlers game I got up and turned it on again, just wanting to convince myself that it was indeed broken. About 5 minutes later, I heard the little chime noise coming from the desk. I came over and was so happy!! My laptop was up and running. So that was just a blessing from God. Of course, He waited to fix it until I had accepted the fact that we wouldn't have a computer the rest of the week.

Tonight we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner and then came home and played games.

I've gotten some hysterical videos but Blogger won't let me upload them.... pictures will have to do until I get home. I'm putting together a slideshow of pictures and videos from the week so hopefully i'll be able to post that once I'm finished next week.

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