Sunday, August 17, 2008

post-NYC musings

I was reading through my NYC journals today and found a poem that I'd started writing but never finished. So I decided to finish it this afternoon and though I'm not crazy about the part I wrote today I feel like it does sum up my heart for the people that we ministered to that week. I'd written the poem after our day in the Bronx. My heart was just heavy for the people and i was also very frustrated with myself for not keeping up my Spanish enough to be able to evangelize successfully to all of the Hispanics there. I could converse enough to figure out if they were a Christian, did they go to church, etc. but I couldn't explain Christianity to them! So I ended up giving many of them tracts but feeling unable to help them! When I go on that trip again I will prepare myself much better to evangelize in Spanish. Anyway, I've gotten way off track. Here's the poem:

Give them Hope
Hundreds of faces,
empty stares,
everyone's hurting
nobody cares.
You reach out your hand
You show them a smile
Your eyes meet with theirs
and they linger awhile.
They're so full of doubt
with bitterness rooting
Shattered are dreams
Their heartbreak is muting.
These lives without hope.
These hearts that don't feel
We will show them together
Christ Jesus is real
He will fill them with peace,
They will hunger no more
His forgiveness is free
This salvation is sure.
Have a lovely Sunday!! :)


Elaine Ayers said...


I got your e-mail and have been watching your blog. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that you and the rest of the youth of Christ Church do. Not being of the 21st Century I have tried to send a reply for four times. Sometimes computors and me just do not get along.

Katrina said...

Hi Little Miss Molly!

I love your poem! You defintely received your gift for writing from poetry from your dad and not me! I have always been amazed at how you and your dad can just rattle off poems.

Your Momma XOXO

Anonymous said...

Your a poet and you didn't even know it.